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My Cup of Retro - Vintage Tea Cups

Selling Vintage teacups for Retro High Teas and Garden Parties

My Cup of Retro is all about vintage teacups!

My Cup Of Retro has grown out of a love for all things retro, especially vintage tea cups and sets. The inspiration for creating a store for Vintage High Tea pieces came from planning my own wedding high tea party.

I quickly found a lack of places to go to buy great pieces to build the ideal high tea theme I wanted. I spent a lot of time hunting around markets, secondhand shops and estate sales looking for the perfect pieces. I found out how time-consuming it can be to look for the perfect pieces to use at a special event!  From this came the idea to find great pieces for others.

So now I  gather all the best vintage tea set pieces I find in my shop. Making it easy for you to get the right design and color pieces to create the exact feeling you want at your vintage high tea party or romantic garden party.

Why do I love High Tea Parties?

High Teas bring back the romance of an older era. They have the power to take us back to a time when people made more of an effort to come together to enjoy slow meals, high teas and garden parties. It steps us back to the time when our Grandmothers would bring out the best china and serve the nicest treats. I hope the pieces in my store and the inspirations on my website will help you create special events and make every gathering a something to celebrate.

Fay Kortleven,

My Cup of Retro


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