Retro Orange & Black Hercules Typewriter

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This Retro Orange and black Hercules typewriter is awesome and is in excellent working order.

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This Retro Orange and black Hercules typewriter is awesome and is in excellent working order. The body is in great condition and the color just pops! This very cool typewriter is perfect for getting inspired in your writing and feeling happy while doing it! In full working condition, this retro orange typewriter will look cool on any desk!

This is an original vintage typewriter that is reliable and robust enough for daily writing and endless creative projects. This fantastic typewriter can type on various weights of paper and cardstock including labels, envelopes, notes, planners, onionskin paper, transparent paper and much more.

This fully functioning original vintage typewriter has:
-adjustable margins
-line spacing options
-a bell to indicate the end of the line
-a robust carry case

It comes with a new ribbon installed and is ready to use as soon as you open it. We will also include instructions on how to use and care for this original vintage typewriter to ensure many more years of happy typing.

This typewriter is a prime example of retro mid-century modern style that was popular in the 1970s with office workers who wanted to add a little fun to their workspace. The orange and black color scheme turns up the volume of fun on this gorgeous typewriter. This stunning typewriter has also been serviced and a new ink ribbon installed.

A perfect typewriter for a budding writer. And a fabulous and thoughtful gift for a writer friend.

Brand: Hercules
Model: 1000
Color: Orange and Black
Year: 1970’s
Keyboard: QWERTZ
Carry Case: Black plastic

* New Red/ Black ink ribbon
*Original black carry case

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