How To Choose The Best Vintage Typewriter for You

How To Choose The Best Vintage Typewriter for You

There are so many fantastic vintage typewriters still around today. Finding the best vintage typewriter for your needs usually comes down to a mixture of personal taste combined with any special requirements you have for writing.

The infographic below gives a broad overview of the styles of typewriters per decade. This is a great place to start when choosing what kind of typewriter is best for you.

Finding The Best Vintage Typewriter by Decade

finding the best vintage typewriter for you

Once you have decided on the decade or decades that most suits your taste, you can then narrow down your search for the best vintage typewriter for your taste and needs.

We love to help people find the perfect typewriter to suit their needs. You can contact us with your needs and we will help you figure out the best style and model of typewriter to suit you!

Why do we love vintage typewriters?

Vintage typewriters remind us to slow down. They teach us to enjoy the art of writing without distraction again.

It is surprisingly rewarding to watching the keys type ink directly on a page.

No one is making typewriters anymore, so we need to treasure the typewriters that are still working. They are the last of a kind. So, your typewriter will actually appreciate in value over the years.

Vintage typewriters look great on any desk.

They are so super easy to use. No updates are required, no virus check needed and they are completely hacker-proof!

They give you an instant physical backup of your work. There is no way to mistakenly delete your work.

They do not need an internet connection and there is no need to charge them.

 I hope the typewriters in my store will inspire more people to treasure these beautiful machines from the pre-digital age.

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