Best Typewriter Ribbons for Your Vintage Typewriter

Are you looking for the best typewriter ribbons for your vintage typewriter but don’t know where to begin? The links below are to universal ribbons which fit most machines. We use these ribbons on most of the machines we sell. The links below will take you to the Amazon site where you can buy these ribbons cheaply and easily with quick delivery.

If you have any questions about which ribbon your typewriter uses, you can get in contact with us. We are always happy to help out!

Our Pick of the Best Ribbons On Amazon

Twin Pack of ribbons – TWO Universal Typewriter Ribbons 1 Black & 1 Black/Red Combo twin spool 1/2″ cloth.

Red and Black Ink Compatible with Smith Corona, Royal, Remmington, Underwood, Brother, Olivetti, Olympia, Adler and More – 1 Pack

If you have an older Remington Typewriter with the fixed spools, you will find this ribbon works well – New Remington Quiet Riter Typewriter Ribbon (Black and Red) on Metal Spools

You can really have some fun with some colourful inks too!

Universal sized Ribbons in SEVEN colors!

We also use the lubricating oil to ensure the keys continue to work smoothly despite a machine’s age.

Liquid Bearings Lubricating Oil. Please only use a very very small amount!

We also suggest compressed air in a can for cleaning dust from any hard to reach places in your typewriter. But, remember the easiest way to avoid dust, is to keep your typewriter covered when not in use.

We often get asked which paper is best for typing. While most standard printer paper will work, it is always nice to have a block of purpose typewriter paper on hand. Here are our picks:

Scholar Typing Paper

Mead Typing Paper

We also love the range of letter writing sets you can find. These make letters to friends even more special. These Cherry Blossom Papers are our favorites.

If you want to make a copy of your work while you type, you can use carbon paper to duplicate as you type.

Carbon Paper

Our Typewriter Coloring Book is here!

The Typewriter Coloring Book is now available on AMAZON

The Typewriter Coloring Book features some of the many typewriters we have had in store. We loved creating fantastic coloring pages from real typewriters. The Typewriter Coloring Book has more than 30 coloring pages of fabulous retro and vintage typewriters. We also added interesting facts and information about typewriters for you to enjoy.

We love sharing our passion for typewriters and The Typewriter Coloring Book is another way for us to share the joy of typewriters with even more people. Grab your copy today or give one away as a gift.

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