Why You Need A Vintage Typewriter If You Are A Writer

Our top reasons to buy a vintage typewriter:

They Look Great

Having a vintage typewriter sitting on your desk is a great inspiration to get writing. They are fantastic conversation starters and can make one feel like a bonafide writer just by their presence!

They Are Easy To Use

Seriously, all you need to know is how to insert the paper. Then you are on your way to typing your next novel!

No Updates Required – ever

No updates ever. You will never need to pause your work and shutdown to install a new update on your fantastic vintage typewriter.

They Are Hacker Proof

You do not need to remember your password. Your vintage typewriter is 100% hacker-proof.

Typewriters Provide An Instant Physical Backup of Your Work

If you are a writer who always forgets to click save on your work, a typewriter is an awesome alternative. Instant, physical copies of everything you write!

a vintage typewriter is perfect for a writer

They Are More Affordable Than A New Computer

And there is no need to buy expensive software to install. Just grab a pile of paper and get writing!

Actually, They Appreciate In Value

A fantastic vintage typewriter becomes an even more fabulous antique typewriter the older they get. You are not only purchasing a little piece of history, you are buying an item that will never be made again and will only increase in value.

a vintage typewriter is great

No Need To Charge A Battery

No charing required, no power cables, no adapters, no loss of signal. These typewriters just keep writing without stopping.

a vintage typewriter

Distraction-Free Writing

This is one of my favorite reasons to own a typewriter. I can write without the distraction of being online. There is no temptation to check emails, news updates and these lovely typewriters only make the noise of my typing. No message alerts or pop-ups!

a vintage typewriter

And, They are just cool to use

There is something so inherently cool about retro and vintage typewriters. Just ask any kid who sees one!

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