Masspro Typewriter – 1932

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The Masspro typewriter is a rare piece of New York history.

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The Masspro typewriter is a rare piece of New York history. Produced for only a few months in 1932 by the (ahead of its time) company named Mass Production.
This three-bank typewriter was produced as an easily affordable portable typewriter for the people. There were less than 2000 typewriters produced as the company became a victim of the depression and lack of sales.
Serial numbers ran from 001000 – 003000 and this typewriter is number 002105. There are only a few of these typewriters still around, and even fewer in working condition.
If you are looking for a fantastic piece of typewriter history, this is certainly a typewriter to consider.
More facts about this rare collector’s typewriter
Designed in 1921 by George F. Rose, the son of Franklin Sebastian Rose – the inventor of the Standard Folding portable, which was to become the Corona 3.
Produced in 1932 by the short-lived Mass Production Corporation, first at 150 Broadway, New York City, N.Y. – later at 190 Baldwin Ave. Jersey City, N.J., USA in 1932.
This typewriter is a collector’s item, and if not intended for daily use. If you are looking for a typewriter for heavy-duty daily writing, please get in touch and let us advise you on the best typewriters for this level of typing.
Brand: Masspro
Model: Masspro
Made in: NY United States 
Date: 1932
Color: green
Serial number: 002105


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