The Forgotten Art of Letter Writing

The Forgotten Art of Letter Writing

There is something so special about receiving a letter in the post. The joy of getting a personal letter with a stamp on it in an envelope is such a forgotten joy. And we hope to bring letter writing back in fashion.

We are all so busy these days, that we just fire off an email to someone to say ‘hey, thinking of you. Hope all is well…’ Nice to do, but how much nicer for that loved one to open their letterbox and find a personal letter! The joy of it! The spontaneity and the pleasure of knowing someone took time to write a letter, put it in an envelope, write the address on it, put a stamp on it and take it to the mailbox! Wow, that’s so cool!

Yes, it can seem a little weird to get started, but once you start writing and receiving letters back you will love it! I promise!

So What Letters Can We Write?

1 Write a letter to a friend, just because.

2 Send a real letter to someone you follow online. Like a post you read? Be different and send a letter telling how you liked the post.

3 Send your mum a letter, or you Grandmother, or your Aunt. I promise you will be the favored child if you do this! Bonus points if you also include a clipped recipe or article you think they might enjoy.

4 Write a note to your kid’s teacher, saying thanks for the great job they do.

5 Write to someone serving abroad. Operation Gratitude accepts letters thanking Troops, Veterans, New Recruits, or First Responders for their service. Share the love.

6 Send an updated photo of the kids to a grandparent you don’t see often

7 Write a fun letter to your partner or child and hide it somewhere they will find it.

8 Send a letter to your friend who is celebrating a birthday.

9 Pick a friend who lives a long way from you. Send them a letter that includes an envelope and stamp for them to reply to you. This could be the beginning of a fun way to keep in touch.

10 Send a thank you for a gift you received or for a dinner you attended.

11 Write to thank your doctor, dentist or hairdresser for the work they do.

12 Write a fan letter to your favorite band, actor or singer. Go all old-school with this!

13 Get involved in a movement by putting your writing skills to use for Amnesty International

14 Join the Letter Writing Alliance and be part of the movement towards writing letters again.

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